Mini Bus Palermo Trapani

Express Shuttle Sharing is launching the new route Minibus (8 seats) from and to the airport of Palermo and Trapani port (departures for Favignana and Aegadian Islands).

This year there will be a new route available for guests who land at the Palermo airport and wish to reach Trapani, or vice versa from Trapani town/port if they wish to reach the airport of Palermo.

From the port of Trapani you can easily reach the departures of Favignana and Aegadian Islands.

We are happy to welcome you in our Minibuses looking to meet every request with the hope of giving you an unforgettable experience.

Our itineraries are made based on flights’ schedules of arrivals and departures with a view to provide a quality service which is simple and efficient.

We operate at an affordable price while trying to provide a high-quality service.

The only thing for you to do is to book!